We believe in make it personal

All about skins and covers for laptops, Macbook and iPhone skins, iPod Touch and more!

In everything we do, we belive in make it personal. Personal idea, Personal experience and Personal product.

Be unique with a skin!

A skin is a quick and easy way to style and personalize your laptop, netbook, Macbook, iPod, iPhone or other electronic device covers. Give your favorite gadget some charisma and soul – let it match your personality.

On our homepage we offer you the selection between many various themes and patterns which will let your laptop, Macbook and iPhone stand out in the crowd by being more personalized. Don’t let your favorite gadget be just another grey and dull electronic appliance. We also allow our customers the ultimate customization by enabling you to send us a design or a photo of your own that we will make into a truly unique skin. This allows you to express yourself fully!

We wish you the best of luck in choosing your favorite skin!

Protect your gadget's cover!

Sticking a skin onto your laptop cover, iPhone, Macbook, iPod or one of your other gadgets is quick and easy. We offer a large assortment of skins that gives some personality to your devises but which also at the same time protects against wear, discoloring and scratches.

Your skin is produced in a durable PVC plastic which is attached to a surface by an exceptional glue technology of highest quality. The digital print on the skin is UV-radiance resistant. If you feel like changing your skin this is no problem and the glue leaves no trace after the removal.

Companies: Great Marketing Stategy with skins

Employees bring their computers with them everywhere. It can therefore be of interest for a firm to have skins decorated with a logo and/or a company slogan or another design that spreads a message – this can be used both as external as well as internal communication. Try it out with make your own laptop skin or make your own iPhone skin.

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