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Our iPhone covers and skins for laptops, Macbooks, iPads and iPhones are great for business. As amazing presents, but also as tools for internal and external marketing messages. Here are a few examples:

Having skins on company laptops make sense

A laptop skin can both be used for sending internal marketing messages like company logo, slogan and values. It can also be very effective to send messages to clients, when you bring your laptop to meetings and presentations. While presenting your product or service, let your laptop skin cover send the same message. Your marketing message is on your business card, why not also show it on your laptop and Macbook.

Protect your company iPhones with a skin or cover

iPhones are fragile and accidents do happen. Put your company message on your iPhone cover or iPhone skin and both protect the iPhone and use it for external and internal marketing messages. Clients will notice your sales representative bringing a cool branded iPhone to the table. Our iPhone covers are great as presents and give-aways. We offer a significant discount for large quantity orders, starting with just a few and going all the way to several thousand units.

Getting your company iPhone covers and laptop or Macbook skins would follow a procedure like this:

  1. Initial contact, quality check of material and design
  2. Preview of the final design is made by our designer and send to you
  3. If preferred a real product would be send to you for review
  4. Final approval, production and shipping Contact us now at for more information, quote and design preview.


Are you a sports club or another kind of organization? We can make custom made laptop skins and iPhone covers for you to resell in your own store? Fans and members love to show their commitment to a cause, let it be a football team or Red Cross.

Contact us now at for more information, quote and design preview or simply fill in the form below.